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Pre-Alpha Starter Decks

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Deck Focus: Nymphs focus deck, power in numbers, pumping spells/abilities, combat tricks, and direct damage.

RG03 copy


Deck Focus: Evasion tactics like flying, can challenge guardians (force them to fight), bounce effects (returning a card back to the owner’s hand), and be able to counter spells.

RW04 copy


Deck Focus: Focus on sacrificing, lockdown spells and abilities (prevent guardians from attacking or blocking), drain effects (deal damage and gain life), and mill effects (force opponent to discard cards from their codex)

RP05 copy


Deck Focus: Afterlife focused deck, discard effects, self-milling (discard the top N cards, sometimes get added benefit when a certain card type is discarded this way), Cost reduction based on the number of guardians in your afterlife, destruction spells (destroy target guardians and destroy target spell).

RB05 copy