Mythic - Full Art Serialized Card

The cards with the green/teal boarder and rarity symbol will be the Mythic full art cards that will be numbered. There are several different types of Mythic cards so the style will change card to card. In this example, this card would be number 68 out of a possible 100 cards.

Hero Cards

The cards will the yellow/gold boarder are the hero cards. These cards are one of the most powerful in the game. Every time this card attacks, it gains a special resource called Battle Fury. The Hero card can then unlock abilities based on how much Battle Fury it has gained. Additionally, the hero card can use a special power that will cost BF.

Soldier Cards

These cards are the basic cards that will be used for attacking and defending. Some of soldier cards have powerful abilities that can be used when you play them or when they are killed. Use soldier cards to attack your enemy and defend your hero card. These cards are the front line on the battlefield and must be killed before your hero card can be attacked, and the hero card must be killed before your opponent can attack your city.

There are 3 types of soldier cards. Infantry, Cavalry, and Range. Each type has a strength against another type and gets a +1 to the attack power (AP). See diagram below


God class cards have a green boarder and are strong against monsters class cards, receiving a +1 to their AP. God class cards are weak to mortals though and receive a -1 to their AP against the mortal class cards.


Monster class cards have a purple boarder and are strong against mortal class cards, receiving a +1 to their AP. Monster class cards are weak to Gods though and receive a -1 to their AP against the god class cards.


Mortal class cards have a blue boarder and are strong against God class cards, receiving a +1 to their AP. Mortals class cards are weak to monsters though and receive a -1 to their AP against the monster class cards.

Specialty Cards

These cards are your lifeline and can turn the tables in a game in a matter of seconds. You are only able to have a max of 15 in your deck and there cannot be any duplicates. So, it is important that you choose wisely, and even more importantly, know when to play them. A specialty card can be played at anytime and cost no RP to play. So knowing when to play them is critical.

Armor Cards

These cards help keep the soldier and commander cards alive much longer. The armor cards provide extra protection ranging from 2-16 in health, and must be destroyed before the card it is protecting can be hit and take damage.

City Cards

These cards are you life source. If your city is destroyed by your opponent, then you lose the game. Cities can get upgrades and special abilities to help while defending. Defend your city, or lose the game.

Runic Power (RP)

This is the basic resource card. These cards are needed to be able to play your cards from your hand. RP is gained at the start of each round and correspondence to the round number. For example, round 1 you will receive 1 RP, round 2 you will get 2 RP, and so on for a max of 6.

Battle Fury (BF)

This resource is only available to hero cards. Every time the Hero card attacks, it gains 1 BF, for a max of 3. BF unlocks abilities and powers for the Hero card.