Card Rarity

Mythic - Full Art Holo

The Mythic cards will be the hardest cards to pull within the sets. All of these cards will be serialized with numbers. Meaning there is only a set number of each card styles being printed, and you will know exactly how many there will be because of it. These cards will be full art cards which again, only the mythic get full art cards.

Legendary - Holo

The Legendary holographic cards will be the hardest regular holographic cards to obtain. These will be some of the most powerful cards in the game and what you will want to focus your deck around.

Ultra Rare -Holo

These will be the most common among all of the holographic cards. These cards are still very powerful, but are much easier to obtain.

Rare - Non Holographic

These are the strongest out of all the non holographic cards. Having the right rare cards in your deck will be crucial when making the perfect deck for your play style.

Uncommon - Non Holographic

These are a little more powerful than your common cards and typically have better abilities and higher damage output and health.

Common - Non Holographic

These are the core makeup of your deck and multiple copies of cards may be needed to build your perfect deck!