About Us

Forgotten Times has been getting developed and perfected for close to four years now. The game has gone through many changes over the years during play testing and what the community was interested in. We are veteran owned who owns a large online retail and store front for Trading Card Games and have been in the business for almost 20 years. So, we have seen the good and bad. We want to bring something to the great TCG community that is new and fresh. We focused on both the collectability of the TCG community and the playability of the TCG games. We believe that we have created an amazing concept with deep lore and fun and unique game mechanics. We will finally be launching our Kickstarter this year and looking forward to seeing the game grow!

Game Lore

Forgotten Times follows many ancient civilizations and focuses on the gap of time that has been lost along with each Civilizations' mythologies, Gods, and Monsters. You will play as one of the last Runekeepers from an ancient order who are the only ones that know how to use the different runic powers. Defend your city from your enemies and friends to ensure the runic powers don’t fall into the wrong hands and destroy time and space as we know it.

Collectability Meets Playability

It is our goal to make sure we have a solid balance with our game and to maintain a happy balance between our customers, the player base, distributors, and LGS owners. We want to focus on the collectability of the game for those who love that aspect of Trading Card Games, but also want to appeal to the ones who love to play the game but might not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a single card they need to complete their deck.

So how do we do this?

We decided to do what most TCGs do but will try to execute it better. For the collectability aspect of the game, we will have two aspects. 1st edition limited print runs, and these print number will be made public and stored on our website for all to see. We will also have unlimited print runs as well, meaning these will be printed to demand. On top of our 1st edition print runs, we will have serialized cards as well. All of our Mythic 1st edition cards will be numbered, for example you could get a 1 of 250. Additionally, our 1st Edition cards will never be printed again. These are a one and done type of thing. The unlimited sets will be set to release typically 1-2 months following the 1st edition releases, but may be reprinted again at a later date if demand is there.