09/07/2022 Weekly Update

Sorry for the delayed post everyone. Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend and got an extended weekend. As you all know, we have been testing and changing all kinds of things lately for the game to see what works best. We are trying to look at it from all angles and see what feels right for the game all while keeping the theme very relevant as well. With that being said, I think we have narrowed down our approach angle and will be refining it over the course of the next few weeks.

The main change is we are going back to the runic power as mana, but we will have 6 main runic symbols and colors that will be acting as the mana system that will not change from set to set. Like what MTG does. Our runes will be broken down into 3 legendary runes (Order, Chaos, and Cosmic). Legendary runes are determined by your deck build. The basic premise is that there are light and dark runes in the world. These light and dark runes can combine into a legendary rune. For example to use the legendary **Order** rune, you deck can only contain light runes. Same goes for the **Chaos** legendary rune, only dark runes can make up your deck to use that legendary rune. Then for those who have a mix of light and dark runes will be able to use the **Cosmic** legendary rune. We will talk more about these legendary runes later, but wanted to give everyone a rough idea.

Below are the current runes we are looking at

Order Runes:

  • Knowledge (Blue)
  • Life (White)
  • Nature (Green)

Chaos Runes:

  • Wrath (Red)
  • Death (Black)
  • Shadow (Purple)

We feel like going back to a system like this make way more sense lore wise and brings the thematics back into the game instead of having any card be a resource. We will be working on a lot of gameplay mechanics these next two weeks, mostly with reworking the Hero cards again to make sure they are useful, and we have some interesting ideas on what to do with that. So as always, wanted to give everyone the weekly update and what we are looking at for this week and really for the next few weeks!