09/12/2022 Weekly Update

Hey everyone! It’s that time again for the weekly update. As I mentioned last week, we are still testing a lot of things internally and it’s going to be slow this week and next week on that front. Most of you know, but I’m moving from Texas to Colorado and that includes my large LGS as well. So not only do I have to move myself, but I also must move a store too, which has been a headache lol. On top of that, other devs are a little busy these few weeks as well. We are shooting for a new test deck to be ready by the end of the month, but these dates can obviously change.

We do want to announce that we will be working on a comic for the game! We will begin work on this very soon and really open up the amazing lore we have behind the game. We are looking at relaunch the Kickstarter for the TCG aspect someone Q1/Q2 next year as we want a fully polished game before relaunch. That includes both sets of cards completed (not artwork though) and we will make the first set card data base public to make sure we get as must play testing as possible to make sure balancing is worked out. So, while we work on the card database and reworking the cards, we are going to get the lore of the first set out there for those who are interested in it. Additionally, throughout the year we will have tons of test products, promos, and cards that will be going out, but not going to launch KS again until at least the first two sets have been heavily play tested and future proofed as best as we can. This includes the campaign mode for the game as well where you can fight a Primordial solo or with friends in a raid like event. So, lots to come, but we put quality over everything and not going to rush it as we work on these changes! Thanks all and have a great week!

We will launch a KS for the comic book series once we have it made and ready to go. This will also include an exclusive promo that you’ll be able to get with the comic book series as well!


Follow for KS Comic Book Release: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/forgottentimestcg/forgotten-times-tcg-trading-card-game-0