Gameplay, Weekly Update -

08/29/2022 Weekly Update

Another great week of testing stuff and coming up with other mechanics to test and see what fits for the game best. We still have a lot of internal testing to do before we have a public TTS update, but just know we are working on stuff daily here with our team.

Card stock is finally arrived to our manufacture and we can produce promo cards. We are going to push the first wave of promo cards until we get a new gameplay system that we like and want to move forward with. We are getting close, but if we change keywords or the layout of the card, then the promos are useless, so we want to avoid that and don’t want to rush to get promos out.

Current items being testing by the devs this week [Huge changes]:

How to win the game
  • Must destroy the city and cities now only have 1 HP
  • Cities are protected by two hero card that have armor durability now and must be removed before you can attack the city [More on this below]


Hero Cards

  • Hero cards now have an armor durability number. When the armor durability is at 0 and the hero receives a fatal blow, then that hero is killed and removed.
  • Armor durability is lost when the hero card would have received a fatal blow. Meaning if your hero is a 5/6 with an armor durability of 2, and is being attacked by a 6/4, then the hero card would lose one armor durability bringing it to 1 since that would have been a fatal blow
  • New hero abilities unlock as the durability of the armor gets lower


Resource System

  • Any card can be used as a resource. Just place a card facedown in your runic pool
  • There will also be Runic Fragment cards that can be played as a resource faceup that have abilities on them that can be used once at any point, and then that card is flipped over. Fragments can still be exhausted while faceup to play units into the battlefield.


Gameplay changes

  • There are now two rows that are used for attacking/defending. Front line and support line. If there is a card in the front line then that card must be removed before the card in the support line behind it can be attacked, unless they have an ability to do so via keywords. During your reinforcement phase, you are able to rearrange your soldier and heroes in those two lines.
  • Keywords
    • Flying: Able to jump over one row and attack. Meaning if in support row, they can attack the first line. If they are in the first line, they can attack the support row. Additionally, flying blocks another flying card if placed in the front row.
    • Range: Can attack from the support row
    • Mele: Can only attack from the front row and can only attack exposed units
    • Berserker: When attacking, if the defending card is killed in the first row, then another attack is performed on the support row
    • Blocker: Able to defend for a card being attack
  • Team attacks: As long as the card are the same class, then they can perform a team attack, but the defender gets to choose what order they attack in
  • Once a card has been attacked, it cannot be attacked again during that turn