Gameplay, Weekly Update -

08/22/2022 Weekly Update

We did a lot of play testing internally this week to iron out some of the new items we are looking at. We are very happy with the direction things are heading now, but still have a few more things that we want to add to the game and iron out before opening it up to the public.

We will be looking for some people who would be interested in doing some blind play testing with myself or one of the other Dev Team members to get some feedback on the new mechanics and play style. So, if you are interested, let us know in chat and we can work out a time!

We are very excited to be adding to our dev team. I know a lot of you probably already know him and the value he can bring. He's been a huge part of helping us finetune a lot of issues and excited to add him to the team officially!

Our promo card stock should be coming in soon. As soon as it does, we will start production on some promos and get the first wave out to everyone. Hopefully, these will be in hands by mid September.

Below are the class archetypes as of now but this can easily change as we perform balancing and adding/removing items from the game:

  • Gods – Healing and Control
  • Demigods – Midrange
  • Monsters – Aggro
  • Mortals – Control and Combo

Current items being tested by the devs this week:

  • - Adding runic fragments to the game. This element will be tied to the runic power mana cards
    • Meaning there will be Basic runic power cards, and mythic runic power cards [name still TBD]. Where the mythic RP cards will also have another runic fragment on them as well that will power up that fragment’s ability as more of those fragments come into play.
  • We are going to be testing colorless runic power as this was always intended to be part of the game, but we failed to add it to any of our current cards. So, going to do some slight adjusting to make this set future proof with the next sets to come so runekeeper’s can build and combine their decks with more customization. Colorless will be known as cosmic runic power and will be represented by a runic symbol that looks like an infinity symbol.
  • Testing out new incantation types. This will help us support the class archetypes but still give some flexibility to the player
    • Prayers (Can be performed by any class no negative effects when playing)
    • Rituals (Can be performed by any class, but typically deals self-damage or requires a card to be removed)
    • Offerings (Must be performed on a God or Demigod class card)
    • Sacrifices (Must be performed on a Monster or Mortal class card)