Gameplay -

08/07 Update: Major Gameplay Changes

Information posted in discord: 

Thank you everyone who has submitted feedback and played the game over the weekend!! We have received a ton of information and will be making some fairly large changes to the game. We are already in the works on fixing these issues. During this time all these changes will be tested internally with the Dev team. We will then, ask a few other play testers to join with us to see how they perform with a blind play test, and then finally we will roll out the changes to TTS for everyone to play. Once we are happy with the changes, we will create new demo decks that will actually be themed and have synergies this time for you to play. These will be free again just like last time, and some of the artwork will still have the placeholder images on them much like our current demo decks did. We are getting there!!


Current Concerns with gameplay:

  1. Synergy is lacking, and this is particularly do to us creating extremely vanilla decks as we wanted you to test the game, but this was a mistake, and we will correct it.
  2. Lacking Player interaction. Current state is play and wait, not a lot you can do while defending
  3. Buff/Debuff of the classes gets too confusing. Can work well with a digital game, but not for a physical TCG.
  4. Keywords not standing out on the card
  5. Deck building rules are too complex
  6. The 3rd hero is kind of useless when playing
  7. The hero cards feel lack luster, and seem to become less important towards the end game


Possible Gameplay Changes Incoming: [Current state: Internal dev testing]

  1. Updating Keywords on the cards to be different text and standout more
  2. Remove city upgrade cards to reduce RNG factor. Instead, city upgrade cards will be built in on the card after certain condition(s) are met.
  3. Residual damage will be removed from the game, as it can tend to get too much to track. Instead, we will be moving to where the damage must be lethal in a turn to defeat an opposing soldier card.
  4. The class Buff/Debuff will now be removed from the game as well. This creates another issue with things to keep track of. Additionally, with this removed, players can create single class decks now and focus on that class synergies.
  5. Armor cards will now become Instant cards. Meaning they can be played while defending as well, adding to the depth of the game. Additionally, these will be changes to absorb X amount of attacks
  6. New class will be added called Demigods. This will give us a total of 4 classes now
  7. New synergies will be introduced, giving more cards depth and usability
    1. Allied – When another soldier card with the same ability is already in play, then that ability procs
    2. Traitor – If your opponent plays any allied cards, this ability procs
    3. Soar – Can only be defended by another flying ability or Reach
    4. Reach – Able to defend against flying attacks
    5. Active – while in play
  8. New Keywords to be added
    1. Restore – Heal target for HP
    2. Onslaught – Adds to target AP
    3. First Strike / Quick Attack – Does damage without retaliation
    4. Blind – Reduces attack to 0
    5. Petrified – Card is unable to block
    6. Poison – Receives 0/-1 per turn
    7. Silence – Unable to use ability
    8. Resurge – place a marker on an ally card, and if that card is killed this round, place the card back in your hand instead of the graveyard
  9. Field Effect Triggers:
    1. Final Breath – On death activates ability
    2. Battlecry – When played
    3. Dawndreak – At the beginning of the turn
    4. Nightfall – At the end of the turn
    5. Unique – Only one can be active at a time
  10. Specialty cards will be renamed as Incantations, to integrate with the game thematically more
  11. Incantation cards will now have different speeds, which effect how a player use them
    1. Instant – These spells cannot be countered
    2. Swift – The opponent has a chance to play a card or spell
    3. Basic – Can be blocked by all Specialty Card types
  12. New Incantation card types
    1. Prayers (Can be used by all classes and no negative effects when playing)
    2. Rituals (Can be performed on any class type)
      1. Deals X amount of damage or remove a card to perform
    3. Offerings (Must be performed on a God or Demigod class card)
      1. Deals X amount of damage or remove a card to perform
    4. Sacrifices (Must be performed on a Monster or Mortal class card)
      1. Deals X amount of damage or remove a card to perform
    5. Hero cards will be getting a huge makeover
      1. Hero card no longer attack, but instead are there to provide disruption and support their soldiers
      2. After all soldier cards have been removed, then the player is able to attack the city, even if there is a hero in play
      3. Hero card abilities are getting a makeover as well
        1. BF is now considered the Hero’s health. When played, the Hero card will start with a certain amount of health. The abilities on the hero card can increase or decrease the BF on the hero. Once the hero’s BF is at 0, that card is exhausted and removed.
      4. Alt heroes will be moved from the game as of now
      5. A player will no longer start with a hero card in play, instead they must pull one from their deck and spend RP to play it
      6. No limit on amount of hero cards in a deck (rules still apply that there cannot be more than 3 copies of a single card), though this may change to can’t have more than X heroes in a deck total